Clear & Actionable

A clear path forward for knowledge workers. Providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with tools that will help you with processes, management, execution, and value creation.

Helping new entrepreneurs overcome challenges in management and execution.

Lucid Avenue is about sharing actionable tools to better equip you with the many known and unknown challenges that await on your exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Going beyond just blog posts and podcasts, we believe that the unique challenges you face probably aren’t so unique. In reality, 90% of the issues you’ll face have been faced and overcome by many others.

Coming Soon…

Key Concepts

You’ll find articles around key business concepts, along with accompanying slide decks ready to share with your team!

These will be backed by ready-to-use, downloadable PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents to help you spread the knowledge (and look good doing it).

Summary Toolkits

Worksheets, next actions, and other supporting documents will be provided for key business books.

We’ll also provide recommendations for who the book is best suited for and what stage of your adventure it makes sense to read it before or during.

Ask Me Anything

We’ll also provide a venue for you to ask us questions directly. We’re not sure the format yet, but we’ll provide feedback and direct advice.

This might be through forums, podcasts, articles, or otherwise, but this is the area we’re most passionate about and why we’re doing this in the first place!