Building Your Toolkit

Starting with their personal strengths, entrepreneurs often gain success early on only to struggle when the opportunity to grow presents itself. The skills needed to deliver as an individual often aren’t the same ones needed to grow.

With the massive number of books, classes, and other areas to spend one’s time trying to learn these things; what entrepreneurs really need is a toolkit to help them shortcut their ability to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Lucid Avenue is an easy to navigate collection of worksheets, presentations, articles and other tools to help bolster areas you may not have had to focus on in the past, all with the intent of seeing your business grow and generate value. It follows the 80/20 principle in that everything will be designed to get you 80% of where you need to get to, quickly.


Doug was one of the earliest employees and part-owner of Metacom Corp. which would go from 5 to over 40 employees. This product company would go on to rebrand multiple times and survive the .com bubble burst. On this journey, it would maintain profitability, establish multiple patents, and IPO in 2005.

Spending time as an independent project management and business process re-engineering consultant, he collected experiences across a wide range of businesses, and business models.

Doug then became the first manager hired at an Edmonton based IT consulting firm where he was responsible for opening it’s first remote office and expanding its business to include a Managed Services offering. While there, he was a key participant in the company more than tripling in size.

Doug currently works as the Director of Service Delivery at Elantis Solutions; a firm with a heavy focus on business process management and automation. Since joining, they have already seen an expanse from Edmonton into Vancouver, and have been making great inroads into the US marketplace.

Lucid Avenue

Switching to first-person… I can honestly say I’ve got a love for small business, process efficiency, and an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s pretty common to find me tipping a pint with former colleagues and new friends discussing business challenges and trying to find a clear path forward.

With nearly 25 years in the business (holy shit, I’m old!), I can’t help but start to recognize many repeated lessons (both good and bad). Add that to the redundancy of business and leadership books and the massive number of courses being sold at every turn and it can be confusing to know where to start.

This site is a start on combining my passions with my experience, in building out quick to use guides and tool kits to help you grow your own business.

These will be designed to get you 80% of the way there… because that’s about as much as is repeatable. 80% should make you stable and consistent.

Greatness, of course, lies in the last 20%. That’s the part that’s unique to every business. That’s the part you’ll need to shed blood and tears over and the sooner you get to it, the greater you’ll be.

So really, that’s where I’m hoping to help… to reduce the time it takes you to get through the basics of building your company, so you can get on to greatness!